Market Analysis

Martinez & Associates, Inc. has a team of potent and highly effective investment advisors who work together to evaluate, research, negotiate and execute, thus maximizing value for their clients. Martinez and Associates provide a complete Market Analysis report or clients can select particular reports such as rent comparables. Our firm offers the most in depth and current market research availabe today coupled with a highly personalized approach to provide their clients with top quality service and information.

Rent Comparables : We will do a comprehensive market survey of all competitor’s along with the economic trends in your area.

Sales Comparables : We compare market and sub-market sales, transactions, and trends for the last 24 months. This will allow us to compare your property’s current financial standing versus market comparables.

Demographic Analysis : Size, composition and spatial distribution of human populations and how these features change over time affect how we invest. Allow Martinez and Associates help you use this vaulable information to maximize your return.